Outlaw Driving? A Divisive Future


The joy of driving needn’t end here.

Well then, this is an odd one. We’re used to the news blowing predictions out of context but this is a little hard to contort. Elon Musk, the famous entrepreneur, engineer, inventor and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors believes that if self driving cars take to fruition then traditional driving could be made illegal. The idea seems sound but at the same time a glimpse into a very different future to the one we once envisioned.

As humanity becomes ever reliant on digital methods, there’s a sense we are losing the traditional need to engage with physical tools around us. Sure, self driving cars could be safer but they also represent the oppression of travel and the liberation offered by your own free roaming vehicle. Tesla Motors have long been celebrated for their innovations in electric cars but more recently it’s their autonomous cars which have courted the most press.

Elon Musk thinks that should these self driving vehicles become popular, the all out ban on traditional driving would take around twenty years to achieve “because of the sheer scale in the challenge of replacing cars already on the roads”. It seems a little farfetched to trust the world’s travel to a computer system and a tough pill to swallow for the millions of car enthusiasts across the world. We really can’t see it happening, at least not in the next fifty years at least.

The technology itself is still very much in its infancy and as Mr Musk points out, the biggest hurdle will be “navigating urban streets safely at speeds of between 15mph and 50mph”. Self driving cars can’t predict the future any better than a human, so being able to get the car to respond to an immediate and unexpected danger will be a huge task. The outcry at the first on road death in a self driving car would surely cause a social uproar.

How do you feel about this? Overblown nonsense or a wise, ecologically progressive move? Tell us…

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Driverless Future?

google carThe bizarre phenomenon of self driving cars introduced by Google seems to be heating up with potential competition from the controversial Uber taxi service. The ‘autonomous car’ is a concept the public are failing to latch on to in fear of their safety but even on paper the notion of the car being in control seems a little far-fetched. Still, this hasn’t stopped Google further developing their driverless tech with UK tests rolling out across the UK in Bristol, Coventry, Milton Keynes and Greenwich this year for a period of 18 to 36 months!

The government are said to be funding a good £19 million of the trials expenses but don’t expect to see Herbie rolling up your high street going bananas anytime soon as all testing will take place away from main public roads. Those that fear a driverless future needn’t worry; it’s very unlikely that the technology or consumer desire will be there to replace the freedom of a traditional vehicle. Those who should be a little worried are taxi drivers, as it’s more than likely that driverless cars are the next progression in public transport.

The news is alight with news that Uber are launching an ‘advanced technologies centre’ in Pittsburgh in order to develop their own ‘autonomous’ technology and trial safety tests. For those unfamiliar with Uber, they are a hugely popular mobile app ‘taxi’ service operated entirely outside of regulation. Their drivers are essentially hired on the basis they own an acceptable vehicle and are qualified to drive, hence worries over passenger safety. They have been at the receiving end of countless protests throughout Europe and American by taxi drivers, companies and government officials who believe Uber are operating an unlawful operation which is threatening the livelihoods of thousands of regulated taxi drivers.

With all this said, the Transport for London Plan for 2050 which was released in July 2014 hopes to harness the driverless tech to reduce deaths on the road, save money on buses and provide a more efficient service. How this plays out only time will tell but for a heavily compacted area like London, they may just be on to something.

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Make Safer Driving Your New Year’s Resolution

learner-driversFirst of all we’d like to wish a very happy New Year to all our students both past, present and future.

As Tudor Driving School enter 2015 (oh, we’ve been in this game a long old time now) we’re feeling as resolute as ever with our eyes looking keenly at the challenges ahead.  When it comes to new year resolutions, it’s easy to pick something daft and easy like ‘cut down on chocolate’ or ‘drink less wine’ but in reality these rarely stick. The best resolutions are applied to physical practices, you know, like driving.

We’ve compiled 4 suggested New Year’s resolutions for you to consider when it comes to your time behind the wheel. Feel free to suggest some of your own on Facebook.

  • Signal

Your indicators are there for a reason and neglecting their use is lazy and dangerous. Drivers and pedestrians aren’t telepathic; they don’t know your next move before you do, flick the switch for courtesy and safety.

  • Speed Limits

Goodness, this should be an obvious one. The arrogance of the over confident driver can be the undoing of more than just pride and those speed signs are there for a reason. We know it can be tricky to keep to 40 or 50 on an open valley of road but if you’re frequently driving on a curvy, dark roads while hammering the accelerator then you might wish to take heed.

  • Hang Up

Phones, iPods, Sat Navs – leave them alone, just stop fiddling during driving. It doesn’t matter if you’re stuck at a light because that could change any second. If you want music on then choose an album or playlist before you set off and don’t even think about answering that phone.

  • Tyres, Wipers and Engine

It’s easy to get complacent when it comes to car maintenance; if it’s not affecting you directly then it must be fine right? The problem is these problems can sneak up on you at the most inopportune times.  Keep on top of your tyre inflation, check your wipers for muck and keep the tank happy. Also, give your car a good clean!

Contact us today to see how we can help you get on the road.

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UK driving test to enter a new era?

learner-driversYou may have heard in the news lately about some significant changes that could be introduced to the standard UK driving test. Tudor Driving School have been in this business for over 25 years but this has the potential to be the most significant change seen in some time. First up is the dreaded ‘three point turn’ which faces redundancy due to its supposed lack of relevance to modern driving. This is interesting given there are far more important manoeuvres and situations that have long gone neglected.

The DVLA have also released a statement that suggests they have been seriously reconsidering how effective the current test procedure is to new drivers. An unnamed spokesman from the agency has said “We are carrying out initial research to explore how the driving test could better reflect real life driving. Any future changes to the test would be subject to full public consultation”, the last part is an encouraging democratic move but we hope the consultation also comes from those who moderate and teach driving on a daily basis too.

So what’s going to happen next? 1000 learner drivers from the UK will be taking part in an exclusive trial of the new practical exam with the suggested changes. Reversing out of a parking bay, rejoining heavy traffic flow and following SatNav directions as part of an independent driving section are key additions to the reshuffle. The emphasis on motorway driving and joining traffic is welcomed as this is something many new drivers find daunting and struggle with.

For now we’ll have to see what the future brings but this reshuffle will affect all of our lessons and usher in a new era of modern test conditions. Till then, we shall continue to offer the absolute best in Lincoln driving instruction.

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Tudor Education Centre

tudor dealWe’ve been feeling very optimistic about all our future students lately, particularly those ready to start training to be instructors at our Tudor Driver Education Centre in Lincoln. You see we don’t just help people learn to drive but we also have an incredible track record of coaching new driving instructors in Lincolnshire for over 20 years. If that wasn’t enough of a testament to our dedication, we started coaching instructors outside the area way back in 1967 in anticipation for the yet to be instilled mandatory A.D.I. qualification two years later.

We have seen over 80 Lincolnshire students alone walk away as fully qualified A.D.I. instructors, ready to embark on a new and  successful career of their own in Lincolnshire. Our success and your success has become part of a perfect synthesis and we are delighted to say that our last three P.D.I’s past part one and two of their tests first time round.

Being your own boss can be an incredibly rewarding experience and lead to a livelihood of exciting and varied challenges. You’ll earn an average of £30k a year with your training being completed in as short a period as five months. If you are interested, please get in contact with our very own Rob here and discuss training, finance and your availability. Our training packages start at £2750 and we will help accommodate every student’s individual situation to help you get the most from your training.

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New website, new year, new drivers!

tudorIf you’re reading this you may have noticed we have a new website! If not, take a look here. As the digital age continues to expand, we knew we couldn’t get left behind so a little end of year clean up was needed for a fresh year of business. Tudor Driving School has been teaching citizens of Lincoln for over 25 years and in that quarter of a decade we’ve seen hundreds of you walk away smiling, certificate in hand and ready to face the road ahead.

As we move towards 2015, we’d like to reiterate our ethos and articulate what we can do for you personally as a learner driver. Having been in the driving school business since 1969, all that experience needs to be channelled somewhere. We avoid the city centre and allow you to take things at your own pace. There is nothing worse than a teacher forcing you through the motions through a lack of patience and passion, we are the anti-thesis of this and hope you’ll agree. We also teach people how to become driving instructors and this plays a huge part in our business, we have helped fuel the local industry and bring many people a new, exciting and rewarding career path. You can look on our (new!) website about how to approach this and what we can do for you.

Our new site also includes the long overdue Theory Test practice page which is a nifty feature for those of your journey to become new drivers already, take a look here. We understand that learning to drive is more than just brawn, so we take it upon ourselves to tie in the theoretical aspects of driving in your standard training. Our high success rate and glowing testimonials are very precious to us and we hope that you’ll consider our service. Whether you want to drive, want to instruct or are interested in specialist learning, don’t hesitate as we want to help however we can – get in contact here today!

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