Party Like It’s 2002 – Top Gear Returns

So as you may have heard, the legendary and divisive motoring show ‘Top Gear’ is finally making its return to TV screens this coming May. Despite the drama that followed Clarkson’s dismissal in 2015, the BBC has good faith in its ability to revitalise the world’s most “widely watched factual television programme”. If the ‘laddish’ nature of the Clarkson era put you off, this welcome reinvention may just change your mind.

We’ve known for some time that Chris Evans would lead the new line up but the word on the grapevine is hardly promising. It is believed that Evans’ suffers from motion sickness and can’t drive and talk at the same time – surely they should have checked this first? No wonder the initial decision upset those looking to forget his 90s reign on TGI Friday. Alas, we’ll reserve judgement till broadcast…

So, who else is set to present the show?

new top gear

The next star revealed as part of the BBC’s hype machine was none other than former Friends’ goofball Matt LeBlanc who you may remember as Joey Tribbiani? A slightly baffling choice but hey, who knows – could be the best decision they’ve ever made!

As for the rest… well, here we go: Sabine Schmitz, Chris Harris, Eddie Jordan, Rory Reid and of course, The Stig.

Quite the crowd! If you’re unsure who they are, read more over on Top Gear’s official site.

How do you feel about the upcoming reboot – will you be tuned in day one or waiting for Clarkson’s new project?

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