New website, new year, new drivers!

tudorIf you’re reading this you may have noticed we have a new website! If not, take a look here. As the digital age continues to expand, we knew we couldn’t get left behind so a little end of year clean up was needed for a fresh year of business. Tudor Driving School has been teaching citizens of Lincoln for over 25 years and in that quarter of a decade we’ve seen hundreds of you walk away smiling, certificate in hand and ready to face the road ahead.

As we move towards 2015, we’d like to reiterate our ethos and articulate what we can do for you personally as a learner driver. Having been in the driving school business since 1969, all that experience needs to be channelled somewhere. We avoid the city centre and allow you to take things at your own pace. There is nothing worse than a teacher forcing you through the motions through a lack of patience and passion, we are the anti-thesis of this and hope you’ll agree. We also teach people how to become driving instructors and this plays a huge part in our business, we have helped fuel the local industry and bring many people a new, exciting and rewarding career path. You can look on our (new!) website about how to approach this and what we can do for you.

Our new site also includes the long overdue Theory Test practice page which is a nifty feature for those of your journey to become new drivers already, take a look here. We understand that learning to drive is more than just brawn, so we take it upon ourselves to tie in the theoretical aspects of driving in your standard training. Our high success rate and glowing testimonials are very precious to us and we hope that you’ll consider our service. Whether you want to drive, want to instruct or are interested in specialist learning, don’t hesitate as we want to help however we can – get in contact here today!

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Theory Test Preperation

dsa theorySo you think you’re ready to hit the road but one last hurdle remains – the theory test. At Tudor Driving School we like to bring out the best driver possible in all our students and all this takes is little faith, confidence and passion from our instructors in you. The theory test is something outside of our curation but we want to ensure that come the big day, you’ll be confident in the knowledge we’ve bestowed upon you.

There are several important things to consider in the lead up to your theory test, chief among them is revision. The Tudor Driving School website contains a special section with an extensive list of official safety questions which shall arise in your test and theory, so please take the time to read over these and refresh your memory. The theory test will take place in two halves, the first will contain 50 multiple choice questions out of a potential 1000. You’ll need a minimum of 43 correct answers to pass onto the next area of the test – hazard perception. Before we discuss this, we’d like to recommend your investment in the official Driving School Agency theory test handbook which is available at all respectable high street and online book retailers. The handbook is especially useful for its imagery, example questions and revision tips.

Next, you’ll want to consider your knowledge of hazard perception. This is where most people trip up come the test as it requires a keen, educated eye and a precise hand. The test will run through a variety of video clips which depict a variation of common driving hazards, it’ll be up to you to isolate and inform what these hazards are on screen. There are websites and services which can assist you in preparation for this such as Drive IQ.

It may seem daunting but revision is the key, don’t procrastinate and put in the time. Get friends and family to test you from the handbook, do blind tests and play to your strengths as a learner. You’ll be fine.

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Learning to drive in Lincolnshire

Hello and welcome to our blog where we hope you will find out as much as you need to know to come to Tudor Driving School in order to learn to drive properly and pass your driving test into the bargain.

Actually, bargain is an apt word because we are offering learners a fantastic package to get started. You pay just £8 each for the first two lessons and then arrange a block booking of ten further lessons for a total additional cost of £170. This saves you a total of £42.

But it’s not – or should not be – just about money. When you learn to drive you need to have instructors with considerable experience with whom you build up a relationship of trust. All our drivers are fully qualified, highly experienced and they set out to take you from absolute zero to passing your driving test with confidence to spare. They do this with patience and skill which is one of the reasons why Tudor Driving School has been in business since 1962 and in and around Lincolnshire for 25 years – we must be getting something right! It might help to know that we have a high success rate.

Once you’re booked in with us, we can come and pick you up from home to do your hourly tuition at a time that is most suitable for you. You can also book in for intensive courses if you feel this would be useful. Our driving instructors are local and know your area which also helps because they are able to provide the right mix of road environments to teach you to cope with any circumstance.

If you visit our website and look at the map you will see that we provide instruction across a large area including the towns of Lincoln, Louth, Horncastle, Grimsby, Skegness, Sutton on Sea, Boston, Sleaford, Newark, Grantham and all surrounding areas.

Whether you are completely new to driving or have decided that it is time that you tried again and need a refresher course, you will find us friendly and happy to discuss your needs – offering you competitive prices and tuition times that suit you best.