Lincoln to London – A Future Doddle?

trainAs you know, Tudor Driving School is based in Lincoln – a rather underrated place if we do say so ourselves. While we may not sport the hip appeal of some of Britain’s other cathedral cities, we do however lay claim to one a wonderful community drenched in proud historical culture. Anyhow, big news for the people of Lincoln as Virgin Trains East Coast services reveals their plans to implement a 2hr direct to London train by 2019.

Having proven fruitful in places such as Manchester, Virgin wish to broaden their service by ensuring that Lincoln receives the same efficient and breezy transport links enjoyed elsewhere. While it’s by no means a bullet-train, the route is a marked improvement on Lincoln’s current laborious London service.

The approval of this new service can be traced to three train operators who applied to The Office of Rail and Road throughout 2014 and 2015 to broaden the East Coast Main Line’s services. In fact, according to Lincoln councillor Richard Davies, a better Lincoln to London route was looking likely back in 2007 but unforeseen circumstances halted progression. Speaking to ITV, the councillor also mentioned:

Since then the council has continued to campaign for direct services to London. I personally wrote to Joanna Whittington, the interim chief executive of the ORR in March this year urging her to approve these services.” Followed by “I am delighted that the she has listened and has seen the value of these services not only for those travelling to London, but also for people elsewhere who want to visit and do business in Lincolnshire.”

Well then, let’s hoping everything goes smoothly! We’d love to see finer links in the area…

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