5 Year Olds Behind The Wheel? Surely Not…

small car

5 year olds may soon be burning rubber!

The motoring industry may have changed almost beyond recognition over the past 100 years, but this could just be the oddest news to face the motoring press in some time. In case you’d missed it, ‘Young Driver’, a specialist car manufacturer based in the UK which also has a division teaching children aged 11+ how to drive. Having long placed emphasis on instilling the nature of road safety into their pupils, the Young Driver concept has been celebrated for its forward-thinking ethos.

At present, their lessons are only welcome to those aged 11 and over, with all lessons taking place specifically at their specially regulated venue tracks. Despite already seating children 6 years the legal junior behind the wheel, their ambition is to create a bespoke vehicle fit for those aged 5 – 10. Yes, children aged as young as 5 may soon be whizzing around their tracks… albeit at a top speed of 10mph!

Should all go to plan; the new vehicle will be implemented at specially selected tracks from their 40 UK training centres. One of the most intriguing things about this reveal is the car itself; what will it look like, what will it run on and how are they making it fit for a child? According to Young Driver, the car will run on two electric motors and feature the all-important disc brakes and independent suspension. In aid of safety, a smart system shall be installed which recognises dangers and potential collisions, this shall immediately stop the car should such an event arise.

The director of Young Driver Kim Stanton has assured the press that the car is most definitely not a toy, but only time will tell if parents feel comfortable letting their children hop behind the wheel. The team at Tudor Driving School shall certainly be sticking to adults for now!

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