Clear The Fog With These Driving Tips

photo_789_20060111So then people, it’s a wee bit foggy out!

While none of us particularly relish the idea of driving through such fateful weather, more often than not our daily obligations refuse to be put aside. If you are planning on driving during the fog, we recommend taking the following tips into consideration…

  • Drive Slow

But not too slow… speed limits are there for a reason and if there was ever a better time to adhere to such guidelines, now is that time.

  • Lower Your Window

Not entirely, that would be a little too nippy for this time of year. Just be methodical here and lower it to eye level so there’s absolutely no risk of mist or condensation obscuring your view. This is particularly useful on dual carriage ways and the motorway.

  • Methodical Lighting

photo_430_20051109It may be tempting to go ‘full beam’ but you’re only going to further endanger other drives. Use dipped headlights at all times but don’t hesitate to whack on the fog lights should you need to. Other drivers will benefit from your lights as this allows them to better gauge their distance but try not to tailgate!

  • Avast Ye Misty Windows!

Ensure that you spray and wipe your windows thoroughly before setting off and turn on your demisters.

  • Communicate

photo_1017_20060206Depending on where you’re going, maybe let people at your destination the route you are taking and when you set off. It’s comforting for everyone to be in the know during times of increased risk.

Got any tips of your own? Let the Tudor Driving School team know on Facebook and Twitter.

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